3 Balls for 3 Trophies

The year 2007, will be remembered for 3 achievements: the trophies for the UEFA Champions League, the European Super Cup and the World Club Cup. 3 different balls were utilized for the respective games. My collection contains 3 of the original balls, used or prepared for the games.
The first one, is the “FINALE ATHENS” used in the Athens final, game played against Liverpool, won by Milan 2-1. The same type of ball was used by the team in some training sessions and in the following year’s Champions League tournament. The second used in the European Super Cup (used, still dirty) against Seville, ending 3-1 for Milan. The last one (used, still dirty), used in Japan for the World Club Cup. The latter is a new smart ball, with goal-line technology having the ability to show if the ball has passed the goal line and therefore if the point has be scored.

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